Weather and Wildlife Removal

Weather and Wildlife Removal, Being Prepared

No matter where a person stands on the issue of climate change, one thing is for certain. Weather patterns are experiencing abnormalities and what this means for people is still up in the air. Recent floods in Texas has shown the need to prepared for inclement weather but it also illustrated the need to be prepared to deal with unusual wildlife encounters. Due to the massive influx of water in local water systems, many forms of wildlife was forced to seek dryer opportunities. In many cases this led to direct contact with people.


There were several examples but one that sticks out the most is a gentleman, who went to check on his boat on Lake Texoma. As he pulled up to the dock where his boat was tied up, he noticed that his boat seemed to be covered in some sort of material. As he got closer, he noticed his boat was actually covered in snakes. Literally, hundreds of Cottonmouth snakes had taken refuge on and in his boat. Needless to say, he decided that the boat was safe.

Of course, not everyone was as lucky. Several homeowners experienced an influx of rats. This necessitated a need for calls to wildlife removal services to help remove the rats. While they were ultimately successful in reducing the rat population, some of the homeowners were understandably disturbed by the prospect of the rats returning. Chicago rat removal, was not the only call Wildlife Removal Services received during the recent floods. There were several backyard sightings of bobcats and feral pigs. Some of these occurred in the city limits of Fort Worth and Dallas.


For some, the flooding and subsequent increase in wildlife encounters led to some interesting and beneficial encounters. In Dallas, Texas many homeowners awoke to finding large catfish in their backyard. The flood waters had risen and flowed into some yards and as it receded, it left the catfish, who were unable to get back to the streams. Those who enjoyed eating catfish was able to just pick them up in the yard. Both amateur and professional photographers were given generous opportunities to photograph and film wildlife in places never before considered possible. All leading to some wonderful pictures and video that will be treasured by many.

Regardless of the benefits or negative aspects to the floods and the resulting wildlife encounters, we should all be prepared to encountered wildlife in situations such as the Texas floods. Benign or dangerous, each encounter is different and no one should approach any wild animal for any reason, unless they are knowledgeable and skilled to do so. Should an unusual situation lead to a wildlife encounter, it is better to retreat and contact a professional to humanely remove the animal. Often animals are frightened and confused and while they might be an animal not prone to defensive means, they could attack out of confusion and fear. Let the professionals take care of the situation for your protection and that of the animal.